The translation company Versions Originales Sàrl was created in 1995 by Olivier Vuille. The Sàrl acquired by Laure Hoffmeyer in 2017 currently consist of seven staff at its site in Neuchâtel in Switzerland. Its client portfolio is differentiated both by the range of domains and by the variety of their sectors (private sector, public institutions, federal administration bodies).

With over 25 years of experience in translation and advertising copy, our business model is based on working with employed translators, in order to establish a direct and long-term relationship with our clients. This practice sets us apart from our competitors (agencies that use only subcontractors / external freelances) and enables us to deliver a standard of quality that is associated with optimum monitoring, based on an strong background and collaboration.

The linguistic expertise, continuous development of our team, and our subject expertise, mean that we can provide cultural adaptation of texts entrusted to us, especially in the field of advertising.

In order to absorb the peaks of demand in activity, we also work with a network of hand-picked service providers, with whom we have a close relationship. Having signed a partnership agreement, our external providers apply our principles concerning confidentiality. We implement quality control of their work, and carry out an annual evaluation of our collaboration.

Our high degree of responsiveness and direct access to translators are just some of the aspects that set us apart in the very competitive translation market. We are sensitive to the development of expectations of our clients, and consider that it is important to incorporate digital solutions within our processes and to develop new services (on-site and remote interpreting services, subtitling, post-editing, collaboration with publishing houses, etc.).



With an integrated management system based on ISO:9001 quality management standards, and ISO:14001 environmental standards, and the Entreprise citoyenne [socially responsible company] certification, we are able to:

  1. Adhere to agreed instructions and deadlines
  2. Control quality through the systematic proof-reading of our work
  3. Ensure the confidentiality, responsiveness, and security of our services
  4. Promote the satisfaction of our clients
  5. Guarantee the quality of the service provided by our partners
  6. Learn from our experience by means of continuous improvement
  7. Anticipate changes in our field of activity linked to the process of digital transformation
  8. Incorporate within our processes issues related to sustainable development and our social responsibilities (remote working, flexible working hours, sports, etc.)

To support and achieve our objectives, since 2018 we have used the ERP AUBEP tool, and we ensure that innovations, new technologies, and good practice in governance are consistently applied.

Versions originales Sàrl, 09.08.2021